Shane Winkler

Speech Outlines

Informative Speech Outline
General Purpose:Outsourcing
Specific Purpose: To inform my audience
Central Idea: Why it’s bad for the US
I. (Attention Grabber) One of the driving factors for our current economic recession is due to outsourcing American jobs to non-American workers overseas.
II. (Reveal your topic) Outsourcing is a process of subcontracting used heavily in United States corporations. US corporations send jobs that could belong to Americans over to other countries for lower wages. There are pros and cons with outsourcing but the pros don’t outweigh the cons.
III. (Establish Your Credibility) Corporations like Wal Mart and IBM are major outsourcers. 
IV. (Relevancy Statement) Outsourcing is an important topic because it effects all of us. Unemployment influences the economy and outsourcing increases unemployment in the United States.
V. (Preview of Main Points) (Tell your audience what are the main points covered in your speech in the order you are going to present them)
I.                     How much does it effect our economy?
   (Internal Preview: What's included in main point 1?
   A. how many jobs do us citizens lose from outsourcing
        1. corps that do it
            a. WalMart
            b. IBM
(TRANSITION:) Make a smooth transition: for example, give a summary statement of the first main point and relate this to the next one.
II.                    Pros of Outsourcing
(Internal Preview of SPs) What's included in main point 2?
      A. cost saving
           1. cost restructuring
           2. tax saving
      B. venture capital
III. Cons of outsourcing
     A.       Quality risk
         a.        Language skills
         b.       service
      B. Public opinion
          1. looks bad to public
          2. takes job from public 
      C. Job loss
IV. Summary
      A.       Sum up major points
I.                     explain why outsourcing is bad for American population by eliminating jobs


Persuasive Speech Outline.
Obamacare- Opposed side
I.                    Introduction
     a.       Main Points
                         i.      Cost & Taxes
                        ii.      Paying for others
                      iii.      Service Quality
II.                  Cost & Taxes
     a.       $461,000,000,000 in first 10 years
     b.      Pay for by taxes to us
     c.       $8,000 per year per US citizen + taxes
III.                Paying for others
     a.       Abortions covered
     b.      People who don’t pay taxes are covered
     c.       Your tax money is used to support the poorer people
IV.                Service
     a.       Hard to get appointments
     b.      Emergency room waits up to 12 hours
     c.       Examples from Canada’s Health Care
V.                  Doctors will quit
     a.       Use the survey taken by US Doctors
VI.                Conclusion
     a.       Sum up main points
     b.      Make my side of the argument known
VII.              Sources
     a.       Peel, Allan “The Real Cost of ObamaCare”,  June 16, 2009.
     b.      Jones, Terry “45% Of Doctors Would Consider Quitting If Congress Passes Health Care Overhaul”, November          12, 2009
     c.       Deslongchamps, Alexandre “Canadian Man Dies After 34-Hour Emergency Room Wait,    Paper Says “, September 23, 2008